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Embark on a Culinary Adventure: Discover the Fusion of Spain and Peru at Suspiro.

Buen Rallo adds a new jewel to its rich crown of dining options at San Jose’s Santana Row.


Buen Rallo has firmly established itself as a tastemaker in San Francisco and San Jose’s hip shopping and entertainment district, Santana Row. Following the successful launches of Il Parco, Colibri, Zazil, El Jardin, and Chika, their new venture, Suspiro, aims to unite the culinary delights of Spain with the exotic dishes of Peru. Led by Yerika Muñoz Rodríguez, renowned for her expertise in Peruvian cuisine, and Chef Oscar Santos-Pelegrin, a Barcelona native known for his signature paellas, they bring their unique culinary influences together.


Combining the influences of Spain and Peru together with the fact that Peru’s main point of trade with the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s was the San Francisco Bay Area, Pineapple built a brand that reflects the mix of cultural influences. With just a few sighs of disbelief, the meaning of Suspiro in Spanish, we were overwhelmed with the richness of influences that inspired our work. From the temples of Machu Picchu to bottles of Pisco being shipped on ship after ship to the US, we developed a brand that reflects the cultural wealth of these two countries.

01 Brand Identity

As early as the 1800s, Pisco was the alcoholic beverage of choice for most South America and the port cities of the Western United States and in San Francisco this resulted in the development of the world famous Pisco Punch. Keeping this connection with Peru in mind, we took the unique shape of the pisco amphora and merged it with symbols of the seafood traditions of both Peru and Spain and Inti, the Incan god of the sun. The resulting mark clearly communicates the important elements of Suspiro spirit and offering.

02 Visual Design

We then extended the elements of the brand mark into a visual system of shapes, patterns, textures, and icons that complement each other, reinforce the brand mark, and helped influence the design of the restaurant overall.

03 Collateral Design

Top of mind during the development of the brand were the individual touch points that the Suspiro customer engages with during their stay. To extend the brand through all aspects of the dining experience we developed a collection of physical items to facilitate the operation of the dining experience.

04 Digital

To push the brand experience beyond the restaurant itself, we developed a scalable website experience that allowed for the Suspiro to engage their audience with updated information about their menu, events, and allow for queries about private events and catering. This was all built on an extensible template that Buen Rallo can use across all restaurants in their portfolio.

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