Viva La Piña!

“There are no known photos of both penguins and pineapples. Sad.”

— The Grand Emperor Pineapple


Before prohibition, Pisco was the most consumed spirit in San Francisco. With its roots in Peru and Chile, this brandy has been distilled from the wine made with locally grown grapes since the turn of the 17th century. And at the center of pisco drinking culture, was Pisco Punch. Invented in the City in the late 1800s, it was made famous by Duncan Nicol at the Bank Exchange Saloon. As a homage to San Francisco and our connection with South America, Penguins, and Pineapples, we created Penguin Piña Pisco.


With the packaging for Penguin Piña Pisco, we wanted to evoke the whimsical interplay of Penguins and Pineapples. Why Penguins and Pineapples? Practically speaking, they really don’t seem to make sense but in reality, they do. The great migratory Magellanic penguin breeds off the coast of Chile and Peru but can travel as far North as Brazil, the indigenous home of the pineapple. It was an opportunity to capture this unique intersection of elements we love and put them together in a delicious package that expressed our sense of fun.

What we did


Packaging Design
Visual Design



Penguin Piña Pisco Pisco Punch
Penguin Piña Pisco Box and Pattern
Penguin Piña Pisco Crest
Penguin Piña Pisco Box Set and Bottle
Penguin Piña Pisco Box Set

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