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A cultural hub for all of San Francisco.

“I want the Curran always to be active. I want to combine the artistic and technological worlds that are both so important to San Francisco's vitality as a city.”

—Carole Shorenstein Hays


Built-in 1922, the Curran has hosted some of the biggest productions in theater history. Now in its revamped state, the Curran’s goal is to serve as an artistic center here in San Francisco—one that engages new and existing audiences and attracts visionary artists worldwide. The Curran searches the globe for bold, daring work that can play out on their stage and keep the community coming back again and again.


We partnered with Curran to reimagine the way a theater website could engage customers, create community, and sell tickets—all at the same time. Staying true to its mission of being the center of culture, we crafted a site rich in content, and extremely intuitive, making it easy for customers to find the information they need.

San Francisco Curran Mood-Board

01 Brand Identity

We wanted to celebrate the bold, artistic legacy of the Curran, and give them an identity that would carry the brand into the future.

San Francisco Curran Identity
San Francisco Curran Aaron De La Cruz
San Francisco Curran Typography
San Francisco Curran Magazine Cover
San Francisco Curran Mood-board

02 Digital Design

The Curran is a place that’s constantly pushing the envelope artistically, so we wanted the digital experience to take creative risks as well.

San Francisco Curran Site Desktop
San Francisco Curran Editorial Page Tablet

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