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Feel at home wherever life takes you.

Thoughtfully furnished homes for 30+ day stays.


Whether your team wants to live like a local in the city’s best neighborhoods, be within walking distance from the office, or secure a kid or pet-friendly home—Zeus has you covered. It’s corporate housing that’s designed for comfort and wired for work, making extended stays an extension of home.


With over 2500 properties around the country, Pineapple worked with Zeus to develop a scalable digital experience bringing their approach to hospitality to decision-makers wherever they are. We created a custom 3D VR experience that visitors could enjoy in a modular Zeus Living room while viewing a selection of Zeus properties around the country.

01 Experience Design

At the center of the project was the goal of creating a reproducible visitor experience that positioned Zeus as a hospitality leader with a technical edge. Using Oculus and Google Cardboard as an immersive VR platform, we showed how everything Zeus did from sourcing unique properties to matching them with demanding customers was about creating a productive sense of home away from home.

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