We speak robot.

Formant lets you, your team, and your robots work together more efficiently. When people and robots speak the same language, you can deploy faster, improve uptime, and achieve scale.


The future of the modern workforce is not going to be an apocalyptic vision of science fiction where humans are slaves to their robot overlords. Instead, a hybrid workforce will make us more effective and more productive while leaving us to be more human, creative, and connected with the people around us.


With only weeks before the company launch, Formant asked Pineapple to develop a communications platform, rename the company, develop their brand identity, and build out their launch website. In the end, they announced $6 million in seed funding from SignalFire, and opened up early access to their platform.

What we did


Content Strategy
Messaging Platform
UX Strategy


Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
UX & UI Design
Visual Design



01 Brand Design

Working with the key elements from their original identity, simplifying the approach and aligning with the new name, we developed the new Formant brand identity. With the identity we anthropomorphized the mark, bringing a personality to its design by using primitive geometric shapes.

02 Naming

With over a year of engineering and product positioning, it was time to get the company ready for launch. A key part of this process was developing a customer facing name for the company. The word "Formant" is derived from phonetics and speech science. After research and discussions with the founders, we agreed it was a compelling name for a company whose goal is to get people and robots speaking the same language.

03 Digital Design & Messaging

For launch we extended their new name and identity into copy and their first web content. The goal for launch was to get across their key purpose and invite roboticists, automated fleet developers and managers, and IOT specialists to request early access to their platform. We kept it simple and straightforward, making it easy to learn about the company and apply for access.

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