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Every choice we make impacts our world.

Each move we make—every action or inaction—now carries with it a planetary and human urgency.


Plugging in our electric vehicles. Preparing dinner with plant-based butter. Setting down a LEED Platinum prefab. Proposing with an above-ground diamond. As the pace of change itself accelerates, the gaps between our daily decisions and their downstream effects are narrowing—at least it feels that way. The Obvious team has a stubborn, dogged optimism that drives every choice they make.


In Obvious’ second World Positive Report, we continue to be awestruck by the choices Obvious portfolio companies make and their effects on the world today. These visionaries begin with first principles and maintain a clear line of sight to whatever north star they seek. They are unified in their world positive passions, understanding that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

01 Editorial Concept

In Volume 2 of the World Positive Report, we worked with the idea of cause and effect. Big ideas can shift the way the world works, bringing it back on course, making it more sustainable and human centric.

02 Infographics

Staying consistent with Volume 1, we used extensive infographics to tell each company’s facts, figures, and stories in an easily digestible way. Each story was part of the overall theme, played its part in the sections covering people, planet, and purpose but was able to stand alone, allowing readers to pick up the book any place and continue reading.

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