A gourmet Mexican rosticeria. Delivered with a kick.

You don’t forget someone like Mama Chika. She knows how to live, how to cook, and how to bring a little fire to everything she touches.


Not your everyday branding order. Chika came to us looking for a restaurant concept and story that could come through and make them stand out, even if their customers would never physically come through their restaurant.


A restaurant needs character. People usually feel it when they go there—the ambience, the decor, the personal service. We didn’t have that luxury. So we created a character of our own—Mama Chika.

Based (loosely) on a real-life Mama, her 60s female powerhouse personality became central to the story of the restaurant’s culture, and her soon-to-be-famous chicken. We extended this story across the visual identity, packaging, and digital ordering as well as more experiential elements.

What we did


Content Strategy
Messaging Platform
UX Strategy


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
UX & UI Design
Visual Design



01 Brand & Visual Design

First, we built Mama Chika’s mythology and brand story. We then used her 60s persona to develop the sexy chicken mascot and extend it across the entire visual identity.

02 Packaging

We developed a Chika out of box experience making sure that each touchpoint was intentionally designed and helped deliver on the Chika brand.

"Pineapple built a total experience for our customers across all touch points. Their 360º approach to brand enabled us to deliver the restaurant visit through delivery. Now our customers can have a full Chika dining experience at home."

— Eduardo Rallo, Chairman and Co-founder, Resmex Group

03 Photography

Without a restaurant to visit, food photography was critical to the success of delivering on the brand. We art directed and shot the full menu in a brand context for web and social use.

04 Experience

We wanted to make sure that the brand experience didn’t stop after ordering and delivery. To do this we developed Spotify playlists to listen to and playing cards to give Chika something to do while eating.

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