Pineapple Chair

Why a Pineapple?

When this exotic delicacy was first introduced to European tables, the pineapple quickly became synonymous with adventure, hospitality and welcoming. We also think it does a really nice job of representing creativity and strategic thinking. So it seemed fitting that we choose the distinctive fruit to be our mascot and talisman. As a branding and creative studio, Pineapple is purpose-built to deliver ideas that help adventurous companies grow and thrive here in today’s new world.

Creating a strategic framework, messaging platform and visual design language for your brand.

Every project we work on is built with an underlying process and structure—a solid strategic framework infused with creativity.

01 Discover

Discovery is key to every project we work on. Understanding your current brand, the mission and vision that drive you, your business goals, target customer and market context help us develop key insights that support your core positioning while driving a unique value proposition.

02 Define

Strategy isn’t just a starting point—it’s the inspiration that drives all asset development. Illuminated by the insights developed during discovery, we use it to establish your messaging platform, brand personality and visual style. We begin with creative concepts designed to quickly communicate mood and direction.

03 Create

Once a conceptual direction is tightly defined, we begin the process of developing your messaging and visual identity. Then we explore ways to apply them to your branded assets and points of customer engagement.

04 Deliver

Creativity is a wonderful thing, but you also have a business to run. You need someone who will actually get the work produced so you can engage with your customers. We respect both time and budget.

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Director of Strategy / Partner

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Director of Design / Partner

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Chief of Staff