We are pineapple.

Pineapples were first brought home by the Dutch as gifts from the New World. Expensive and alien at the time, they were cherished as symbols of wealth, adventure, and hospitality. To us, the pineapple represents new ideas that take time to grow and only mature when shepherded along with creativity and strategic thinking.

Pineapple is a branding and creative studio focused on what you need most—a systematic approach to building your brand and the detailed execution to match.

Pineapple Paper Collage


We believe

that like a pineapple, a brand is something bigger than itself. It’s the promise of undiscovered worlds, possibilities, and newfound wealth. To us, branding should be an adventurous process—where ideas come from anywhere and everywhere.


Pineapples, like great brands, all have a core. We’ll work closely with you to get a deep understanding of who you are and what you want to say—then we’ll help you express it beautifully.

Naming & Identity

At the center of every brand are the vessels, your name and logo, designed to hold the essence of who you are.

Visual Language

Your visual language is a library of graphic styles and icons that play an important role in what you say. They need to be simple and on brand.

Voice & Messaging

A major part of your brand relationship comes from not only what you say but how you say it. You need to know your voice.

Integrated Brand Expression

An established brand relationship is built on alignment, respect, and consistency. Customers want to know that they can trust you. They want to understand who you are.

Systems & Guidelines

Once you have established your brand you need to codify it and distribute it to employees and customers so they can understand it, own it, and communicate it.


Strategy is about understanding. First, we understand you and your goals. Then we work to understand your customer. Finally, we develop strategic insights on how to most effectively reach your customer with a message that’s true to who you are.

Research & Analysis

Doing a deep discovery is critical in finding out who you are, what products you sell, what your competition looks like.

Trend & Insight

Looking forward is just as important as looking backward. By understanding what has happened, we can help you forecast the future.

Customer Experience

Understanding how your customer thinks and interacts with the world helps us formulate how they want to be approached.

Brand Platform & Positioning

Every brand is built on top of a stable, scalable, and systemizable core that can be express as your brand promise.

Content & Messaging

Bringing your brand to life through thoughts and words forms the deepest connection and relationship with your customer.

Go-to-Market Planning

Once you have established your brand you have to get in front of your customer. We can help you plan those tactics.


Look good. Feel good. For us, design is a process. It’s a discipline that allows you to fully express your brand, so it should be cultivated with care. We’ll work tirelessly to make sure that your brand represents you well across every visual element.

Visual Design

The diverse and consistent way your brand expresses itself forms a subtle and intricate interaction between you and your audience.

Logo and Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the most visible part of your brand system. It is the single most important icon that expresses what your brand is all about.

Print Collateral

Print collateral is the easiest way to manifest your brand in a physical way so that your audience can not only see but feel it too.


Like a person, your brand elements aren’t always static. The way your brand moves provides a way to express another dimension of your personality.


Expressing your brand through product packaging allows you to bring it to life. It creates a deeply meaningful customer experience.


Your digital experience often serves as the primary face of your business. Make it a user-friendly one. Whether online, across social media, or on any other new screen that should come to be, we create branded experiences that customers can easily understand and use.

Digital Experience

From social media posts to online shopping, your brand needs to consistent and easy to understand. Even though your brand is virtual you should be able to feel it.

UI/UX Design

Your branded experience needs to come across online as easily as it does in the real world. The subtle digital interactions and cues need to align with who you are.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design, as the name reflects, means that your brand in the digital world must adapt to your customers needs no matter what device they’re on and how they consume their media.


Creating the best customer experience comes from testing early and often, plus working directly with your customer to find out how the digital experience works for them.


Being able to bring your ideas to life is a critical part of the digital experience. An experienced developer is usually what stands between a good digital experience and a great one.


Brands are like people. They need to be able to interact in the real world. When it comes to bringing your brand alive IRL, we’ll work with you to create an engaging experience to greet your customers.

Retail Experience

A retail experience is an opportunity for you to bring your brand alive so that your customers can feel who you are, experience your products, and spread the word.

Environmental Design

Unshackled from the traditional retail pressures, environmental design lets you express your bigger brand purpose and show your customer why you do what you do.


Working within the confines of the tradeshow floor, amongst the crush of the marketing “noise,” your booth and events need to create a cohesive experience.

Pop-ups & Experiential

Pop-ups are the prototypes of the real world. A short-term brand experience where you can engage with a long-tail audience or just create a one-of-a-kind experience.


A memorable event allows you to engage with an audience, tell them a brand story, and give them a guided experience that couldn’t have anywhere else.

Meet the team

We stand behind our experience

With over 50 years of collective experience and a diverse perspective on the creative process, the Pineapple team is more powerful and capable than any of us alone. We bring our unique combination of skills, commitment, and sense of adventure to every project.

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