Adapt in real time.

MemSQL combines real-time streaming, database, and data warehouse workloads for sub-second processing and reporting into a single, scalable, easy-to-manage database.


As the world rapidly changes, companies must anticipate problems before they occur. They need to be able to shift direction as fast as the trends do. MemSQL’s real-time databases power companies like Uber to provide real-time updates for drivers and their passengers. They provide Pinterest with real-time analytics to measure user engagement. And they need to get the word out in a sea of competitors such as Oracle, IBM, and SAP.


Our job was to architect the MemSQL brand, through a compelling positioning and brand story as well as a distinct visual identity. Leveraging the idea that companies must adapt or die, we built out a complete messaging platform, a new brand identity, and a visual library. Then we wrapped that all up into an internal and customer-facing brand book as well as trade show booths and a collateral system.

What we did


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
Messaging Platform


Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
Environmental Design
Visual Design


Tradeshow Booth

MemSQL Aerial Photography
01 Brand Identity

For a brand built around real-time change and adaptation, we wanted to create a logo that felt as innovative and adaptive as the MemSQL platform.

MemSQL Identity Spread
02 Typography

MemSQL is a challenger brand that punches well above its weight. We wanted a font that felt as bold as their brand vision.

MemSQL Typography
03 Color Palette

The color palette was grounded in a range of subtle blues that inspired confidence and orange highlights that hinted at the zippy, real-time nature of the product.

MemSQL Color Palette
MemSQL Brand Guidelines
04 Photography

MemSQL gives their users a clear, bird’s-eye view of a rapidly changing world. So we found photography that showed how insights come from a new perspective on the data.

MemSQL Data Photograph
05 Visual Design

A brand needs to stand for something, no matter where it’s seen. We carried the visual design across many touch points to create a cohesive experience.

MemSQL Desktop
MemSQL Pattern Photography Spread
MemSQL Pattern Photography
MemSQL Brand Book
MemSQL Brand Book

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