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Redefining luxurious advanced skincare.

Savern is a skincare company specializing in developing high quality, technically advanced, and luxurious anti-aging products using only the best natural ingredients such as White Tea Leaf Extract, Arnica, and Turmeric to name a few.


Growing up in the Middle East where extreme weather conditions of sun, wind, and air pollution wreak havoc on the skin, Parinaz Kallick, became passionate about finding ways to combat the effects of premature aging on her skin. She founded Savern, to provide anti-aging products utilizing all-natural ingredients combined with the latest in active-ingredient research and product-delivery technologies. Savern is committed to producing formulations that focus entirely on environmental skin damage repair and protection.


We partnered with Savern to help them update their identity system and overall brand. We then extended their new brand through all of their packaging. During the process, we focused our efforts on raising the quality and luxuriousness of the brand through structure and typography while at the same time leveraging organic elements and colors to bring out their commitment to natural products and skin health.

Savern Skin Care Identity

01 Visual Language

The brush stroke visual element is used throughout the packaging system to express the amazing change when the product is applied.

Savern Skin Care Color Splash

02 Color Palette

The color palette was developed to represent the more natural organic elements tying into the colors and textures of the ingredients used throughout the skincare line.

Savern Skin Care Color Palette
Savern Skin Care Packing Family
Savern Skin Care Packing Family
Savern Skin Care Packaging Family
Savern Skin Care Box
Savern Skin Care Stationery
Savern Skin Care Stationery

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