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Between data governance and agility, choose both.

Your data can do more. It can be more accessible. It can be more secure. And it can be more readily available for your analysts to drive innovation.


There’s a tension between agility and governance when it comes to data. Companies today must choose to either tightly restrict access to their data, which can stifle innovation—or they leave their data open for innovation, which comes with risks. Okera helps companies bridge that gap.


Working with no name and a product just about ready for launch, we built a brand that centered on the idea of people taking ownership of their data. That means knowing what they have, who has access to it, and how it’s being used to drive innovation within the company.

Okera Identity

01 Brand Mark

Used over the 'E' in the word mark, the Okera brand mark plays two roles, first as an accent to help with pronunciation and second, the three circles also represent Okera's three main values: Accessibility, Visibility, and Protection.

Okera Brand Mark

02 Visual Language

We used the circular shape throughout the Okera visual language to show how the management of data affects everything. The particle 'O' represents how Okera brings together the heterogeneous world of modern corporate data into one cohesive place. Data consumers can access the data they need when they need it based on the rights they have been given.

Okera Identity
OKERA Brand Guidelines
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Okera Brochure
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Okera Office Envirionment
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