Piña Issue #1



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Visual DesignEditorial Design

We are fluffy puffy creative pineapple people.

We started Pineapple to break things, make things, build brands, and make community.


There are those who think of Pineapple as a boutique design studio, and we’re not about to argue. But that’s sort of like characterizing the Pacific Ocean as a pool of water, or Leonardo DaVinci as a guy who dreamed up party decorations for wealthy neighbors. Not that we think we’re DaVinci. Or the Pacific Ocean. But we do see ourselves as more than a design shop.


As a design firm with hospitality at our core, our client work is very important to us. However, we started Pineapple with a commitment to create things that verge on the extraordinary. To do this sometimes, you just do it on your own for yourself. It is with this passion that Piña was born. We wanted to create something larger than life, something we could share.

01 Editorial Concept

“Make it as large as we can,” Pineapple M said! “Make it a collection of creative work that we couldn’t or wouldn’t be allowed to do for our clients.” And so Piña was born, a large format newspaper that is a collection of all of the Pineapples' creative output, without purpose other than to be creative. It is a starting point for regular creativity and expression.

02 Illustration

All the Pineapples are collectors. We are very consumed by design as an expression of purpose, and the creation of physical objects is an obsession. If you empty our pockets or look through our drawers or shelves you will find unique objects that reflect our passions. In our Cool Collection section, we brought to life our love of the camera. Each one of us contributed a special device and we developed illustrations for the newspaper and poster collection available in the Pineapple Shop.

03 Music

A couple of things you will notice if you spend any time at Pineapple is that we are always making coffee (more on this later) and there is always music playing. Music is our muse, no matter how obscure, evocative, or controversial, it is a force for creativity. A running thread through our social with our weekly posts, and now in Piña where we posted our On the Turntable playlists so you can listen to what we are listening to without having to be at Pineapple. Listen now: 

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