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Launching companies that will transform healthcare.

Foresite Labs is incubating companies that will address some of our greatest unmet medical needs.


Foresite Labs supports the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs who are creating innovative companies that are transforming the way that we discover and develop new medicines, and the way that we deliver care to patients in need. Foresite Labs systematically uses the tools of data science to create companies in healthcare that connect true changes in patient outcomes to all of the activities that are needed to develop, design and deploy therapeutics.


Working with Foresite Labs to understand its business model and brand vision, we updated their brand platform, core messaging and overall brand to differentiate it while at the same keeping the branded family connection with its founding enterprise, Foresite Capital. We then took this updated brand personality and mark and extended it through a full branding effort, developing its new messaging platform, typography, color palette, and visual design library and applied it across multiple executions, including web, collateral and branded objects.

01 Brand Identity

Using the Foresite Labs existing mark, and the Foresite Capital parent logo, we fine-tuned the overall design elements, gave meaning to the individual elements, and developed a more robust design that could stand on its own while speaking to its Foresite Capital heritage.

02 Visual Language

We then extended the brand identity into patterns and shapes that communicated the nurturing qualities of the idea generation and incubation efforts of the business to develop and mature new healthcare and biotechnology ideas into companies and products.

03 Animation

We brought the brand to life on the web using cross platform animations that ran both on the desktop and mobile. These iconographic animations spoke to the creation of intellectual property building blocks that are created by Foresite to accelerate the growth of their incubated companies.

04 Brand Objects

We then developed a brand launch kit that Foresite distributed to all company employees, extended family, and press to get them excited about the new brand.

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