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Who will you DanceFight?

Dance your way to the top of the leaderboard as you build your squad along the way.


DanceFight is the ultimate destination for dance and dance challenges. Targeted at GenZ and their deep interest in expressing themselves in a social context, DanceFight leverages the best of World of Dance, an NBC television show, and an endless stream of global user-generated content with the goal of creating a vibrant and active community engaged in the worldwide dance craze.


Working with founders and content creators, we developed a lifestyle brand that embodied the vibrant competitive dance community. This project required us to create a dynamic visual identity together with brand style that would drive photo and video content development. We also contributed brand direction to the development of the DanceFight app and its integration with the product website.

01 Brand Identity

DanceFight brand identity was built on the idea of music flow and the intricate moves of the World of Dance community. We used the lines throughout the visual library of images to convey the idea of the connection between the dancer and their competition.

02 Digital Design

The initial launch of DanceFight was in Australia and New Zealand, and the website was a critical part of their product offering and fundraising. We used the website as a way to explain the unique platform for dance competitions, the dynamic nature of the one on one dance-offs, and the varied collection of the worldwide dance community.

03 Product Design

The visual style, brand library, fonts, and color palette were a huge part of the development of the app user experience. The flowing lines and bright primary colors, together with morphing graphics, lent energy and excitement to the dance experience.

04 Typography

Our approach to typography was not to use type as a static element but make it a dynamic part of the brand. We used a strong 80s video style as the foundation for our visual design but built typography to flow and morph with the dance videos.

05 Patterns and Textures

The visual library was built similarly to the typographic approach. We used glitchy, 8-bit video to communicate the street style, and convey the idea of rough, quick edits, and improv dance style.

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