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Delivering on the promise of synthetic biology.

Sestina is transforming what’s possible through synthetic biology by creating cellular systems that are simple in design, holistic in structure, and high in impact.


Recently acquired by Inscripta Labs, Sestina set out to address some of the largest challenges of our time, harnessing the power of biology and data science to help sustainably feed, clothe, and treat the world’s population. Their approach is to integrate or invent new tools for genome editing, single cell biology, and machine learning to transform our ability to engineer and harness new biological functions.


Working with the company after a quick rush to launch, we transformed their brand into a modern expression of the synergy between art and science. Using the medieval poetic form of the sestina as a foundation, we looked into the company’s novel approach to engineering product-producing microorganisms for the development of flavors and fragrances as inspiration for a comprehensive brand identity and messaging platform.

01 Brand Identity

Using the idea that they worked at the cellular level when developing their target cellular systems, we used the container as the basis for their mark and visual brand. The Sestina container carried their novel approach to generating new cell lines and resulting products.

02 Digital Execution

Their site was set up to tell their story, engage with investors, and inform partners about the business opportunities available to them with Sestina's new approach to synthetic biology.

03 Physical Brand

Like their novel cell lines, Sestina’s brand was then brought to life in the real world so that employees could express brand passion and engage with potential customers, employees, and investors.

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