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Get a clearer financial picture–at every level.

Addepar is the first investment management platform that smoothly handles all of your assets, connecting your financial goals and objectives with actionable insights.


The global financial environment is extremely complex. Different currencies and asset types make it difficult for wealth advisors, private banks, and family offices to track and manage their diverse portfolios. Addepar set out to change this. Their goal was to create one “operating system” for the financial world. A single platform that can manage any asset or currency, and provide real-time value, reporting, and insight.


We partnered with Addepar to develop positioning, a visual identity system, and a brand story that could communicate their purpose in human terms, engage their audience, and alter the financial world. We rebuilt their website from the ground up and developed all its content, including a product overview, tutorial videos, and a documentary series featuring visionaries within the company and the clients they serve.

Addepar Brochure

01 Iconography

Using three key shapes “Square, Circle, Triangle” along with the 60˙ angle found in the logomark, we built a simple icon set to communicate each of Addepar’s key features.

Addepar Icons

02 Illustration

Addepar is all about simplifying complexity. Illustrations like these are a memorable way to visualize the ease of the Addepar system.

Addepar Illustration
Addepar Brand Guidelines
Addepar Photography

03 Visual Design

Addepar puts everything wealth advisors need right in front of them. We wanted this enhanced view of the financial world to be communicated at every touchpoint of the design.

Addepar Book Cover
Addepar Brochure Covers
Addepar Brochure

04 Digital Design

The entire process culminated in launching, which became the hub for communicating the value of both the Addepar brand and product.

Addepar Desktop
Addepar Product Page

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