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Scaling solutions to benefit the health of the individual, society, and the planet.

Near Future is a community of brilliant and values-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists catalyzing world positive business across trillion-dollar industries like food, transportation, energy, built environment, healthcare, and beyond.


Held each fall, Near Future is a three-day event that brings together a select group of visionaries to discuss and develop world-positive solutions. The summit features keynote addresses, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, as well as hands-on workshops and networking events. This one-of-a-kind event creates an opportunity for inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs to share the coolest new products and ideas, co-create and develop lasting partnerships.


We collaborated with Near Future to bring the 2022 conference to life. Using their existing brand as a guide, we extended their strong identity into new thematic territories and executions that included a reimagined color palette, custom collages, attendee invitations, website, sponsor deck, and experiential elements. The overall feeling communicated their forward thinking vision in a comforting, nurturing context that fostered community and collaboration.

01 Brand Identity

With Near Future's brand foundation in place, we needed to find a way to extend their brand and embrace the themes of the 2022 event while maintaining a friendly, nurturing, and earth-centered approach. To do this we used a range of sunset and coastal colors that embodied a beautiful beach sunrise, befitting the summit's Malibu setting.

02 Theme Design

Using a collage-styled approach we created a dynamic group of designs to represent each unique theme that the summit would be focusing on. In each collage, we brought together a diverse group of images to encapsulate the essence of each theme.

03 Digital Execution

Near Future's foundational strength is based in the individual equities that each participant brings to each event. We captured the individuality of these members and the stories they tell in the Near Future website using the new color palette and each of the thematic collages.

04 Event Branding

For the live event, where it all happens at Near Future, we developed experiential elements, way-finding signage, and speakers' presentation materials that helped direct the community to each of the activities with the same voice and visual personality as the rest of the brand.

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