PODCAST: SHACK15 021 / Coffee + Chocolate

Extracting flavor, supporting small farmers, and protecting the genetic diversity of coffee and cocoa around the world.

With similar tasting notes, history and terroir, it’s no surprise that coffee and chocolate often go hand-in-hand. In this episode, we’re joined by two legendary leaders in coffee and chocolate innovation: Todd Masonis, CEO and co-founder of SF-based Dandelion Chocolate and Tim Wendelboe of Tim Wendelboe a roastery and café in Oslo, Norway, who is SHACK15’s exclusive coffee supplier. With moderator Marcus Colombano, Tim and Todd will unravel the ethos and passion behind creating high-quality products while upholding production transparency, ethical ingredient sourcing and creating deeply supportive relationships with farmers.

Podcast Co-Hosts

Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple

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Coffee took off in the early 1900s when the church and Labour Party saw that business owners were oppressing workers by partially paying them with alcohol. 

Tim Wendleboe, Founder Tim Wendelboe

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