Welcome to a World Positive future.

Obvious believes that the most valuable companies of our time will be the ones reimagining trillion-dollar sectors from the ground up.


Obvious invests in companies with positive impact baked into their business models, and whose products and services propel their purpose. Our mission was to deliver a brand that captured this commitment.


In Obvious’s first-ever World Positive Report, we took both a quantitative and qualitative look at the indelible imprint Obvious portfolio companies are leaving on the world.

Collaborating on content strategy and design, we developed a branded editorial design that presented the impact story for each portfolio company in their own unique voice—extending them across print and digital executions.

What we did


Content Strategy


Editorial Design
Motion Graphics
Visual Design


World Positive Report

01 Book Design

Working from Obvious’s core identity we designed and developed a printed book that told each of Obvious’s portfolio companies stories through infographics, photos, and text.

"The Pineapple team felt like an extension of ours from day one. They challenged our thinking, pushed all boundaries, and proudly (but in no way boastfully) delivered an exceptional product. It was the best creative agency relationship I could have ever hoped for."

— Gabe Kleinman, Head of Portfolio Services & Marketing, Obvious Ventures

02 Digital Design

To launch this initiative, we developed a landing page and highlight video that quickly told the impact story and delivered a digital version of the book.

03 Social

We distilled down each story into snackable chunks and edited down the highlight video to promote the digital version of the report.

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