Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones.

Luma is the worldʼs fastest and most reliable home WiFi system that only takes minutes to set up. Just three little Lumas will work together to blanket your home with stable, super-fast WiFi in every room.


WiFi has become an essential ingredient of everyday life, but a single router doesn’t cut it. Luma was created by Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse to make WiFi more reliable. They worked together for over 15 years solving complex networking problems and developing network security tools. Seeing that the consumer had a similar need, they founded Luma to extend wireless networking to all parts of a home.


To position Luma as the breakthrough technology that it is, we developed a brand platform that embraced this groundbreaking product. We drew inspiration for the visual language from the simple hardware design and then created a sleek brand identity, product, and lifestyle photography, packaging, in-store display, and launched it with a pre-order website.

What we did


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
Messaging Platform
UX Strategy


Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Retail Design
UX & UI Design
Visual Design


In-store Experience

Luma Website
01 Brand Identity

Luma is smart, family-friendly, and highly advanced. We created this logo to capture these important traits of the brand.

Luma Indentity
Luma Color Palette
Luma Typography
Luma Typography
Luma Identity System
02 Photography

We shot and selected photography that would exude the warmth and intelligence that the Luma brand represents.

Luma Product Photography
Luma Product Photography
Luma Lifestyle Photography
Luma Lifestyle Photography
03 Packaging Design

Focusing on leveraging Luma’s unique hexagonal design and wanting to create the best out of box experience, we developed a multi-product packaging system that spoke to the overall power and flexibility of the product.

Luma Lifestyle Packaging
Luma Packaging
Luma Business Cards
04 Digital Design

Luma is incredibly speedy, safe, secure—and simple. So we made sure the site we created effectively communicated those ideas in a clean way and allowed the customers easily pre-order the product.

Luma Desktop
Luma Website
Luma Website
Luma Website

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