Lunch is not lunch after 3pm.

Offering meal options for offices from 20 to 1000+ employees, EAT Club is an exciting office lunch program offering personal choice for each employee.


EAT Club works with top local restaurants as well as their internal kitchen to provide and deliver fresh lunches and snacks to partner businesses on a daily basis. They are the largest company in this space with a unique value proposition, but as online food delivery becomes the latest trend, EAT Club realized they needed to differentiate their brand from the competition.


We worked with EAT Club to reinvigorate its brand from messaging strategy through visual identity. And as part of a new launch, we introduced people to “The Lunch Guru.” A character whose sole purpose in life is to make eating at work a more fulfilling experience. Using digital and out of home executions, he shared his philosophy on a more enlightened work lunch experience.

What we did


Content Strategy
Messaging Platform
UX Strategy


Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
UX & UI Design
Visual Design



EAT Club Business Cards
01 Brand Identity

Lunch should be something you look forward to. So we created a brand identity that would feel exciting and welcoming for all co-workers and co-people.

EAT Club Identity
02 Typography

The EAT Club brand does not take itself too seriously. The font shouldn’t either, so we choose a type family that felt friendly and appetizing.

EAT Club Typography
03 Color Palette

EAT Club is all about choice and the fun of eating together so we chose a color palette that was bright and provided a diversity of color selection.

EAT Club Color Palette
04 Iconography

Choice should be easiest thing for us to understand but in a world of regimented processes it’s the farthest thing from our minds. Icons provided us a way to communicate the power of choice and the simplicity of the EAT Club process.

EAT Club Iconography
EAT Club Business System
05 Visual Design

The brand campaign launched EAT Club into the LA market and so we needed to extend the overall brand architecture to support new cities, products and packaging.

EAT Club Yum Yum Yumaste
EAT Club Bottles
EAT Club Van
EAT Club Poster
EAT Club Posters
06 Digital Design

The hub of everything was, which meshed the fun, welcoming aspect of the brand messaging with the sophistication of the EAT Club service.

EAT Club Digital
EAT Club Desktop
EAT Club Mobile
EAT Club Home Page
EAT Club Home Page
EAT Club Home Page
EAT Club Home Page

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