Stay sharp, super tight, barbers unite!

"Don’t you know that in battles there is nothing handier to grasp than a beard?"
—Alexander the Great, September 30, 331 BCE


The first barbershops were created as early as the 5th Century BCE, becoming meeting places, a kind of club for men, where they enjoyed reunions with long conversations about philosophy, politics, or communal matters. Today, additional establishments have taken up this mantel but the barbershop still holds a special place in the hearts of many. It is a place to come and be the best you can be.


As we built the brand and identity for the United Republic of Barbers, it was important for us to establish a sense and a feeling of the modern community meeting place, a place where patrons could come groom and feel the comfort of being a regular. Each element echoed the long history of barbering while bring it into the modern age, making it relevant and approachable for everyone.

What We Did: Brand / Design / Illustration
The United Republic of Barbers Shop
The United Republic of Barbers Hat